On your side

We believe that everyone wants to live and or work in a clean, healthy, and beautiful space but sometimes life can be a little demanding. The busier we are the faster time goes by and we're often left struggling to get to the end of that to-do-list.

At The Cleaning Agent, we understand the importance of our clients' time and we want to relieve them of any unnecessary stress. We strive to reduce or even eliminate the hassle of cleaning so clients can focus on other important aspects of their lives.

Whether it's residential or commercial cleaning, we are committed to your satisfaction while making the cleaning aspect of your life easier.

To do lists piled on top of a woman laying down
To do lists piled on top of a woman laying down

Our mission

We want to help organize and simplify your world by being a service that always meets or exceeds your expectations. We promise to show our commitment to your happiness and wellbeing through the intention and care of everything we do.

At our core, our mission is to make your life easier and more streamlined. The Cleaning Agent is dedicated to providing a service that not only meets your expectations but consistently exceeds them. Our ultimate goal is for you to be content, as we genuinely care for your space.

Through excellent communication, we ensure to align with your needs. From the smallest detail to the grandest gesture, we prioritize a seamless and organized experience for you. Trust that when you engage with The Cleaning Agent, your world will become simpler and more manageable. Together, we can create a harmonious environment where everything is taken care of because we are thoughtful and dedicated.

Highest standards

Our team of certified professionals are trained to ensure that we can provide our customers with the highest possible standards. This means we make exceptionally high demands of ourselves, each other, and the services we provide through self-critique, double checking the work, and never taking shortcuts.

We are dedicated to providing a top-of-the-line service and we take pride in our ability to consistently bring quality and excellence.

We guarantee our cleaning meets the highest standards in the industry with the best value for your money or your money back!

a soapy heart on glass window
a soapy heart on glass window

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